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At first glance, the Miraculum appears to be just an old bookstore. But be careful: if you get too close to the books, they might pull you into the realm of fantasy. Then you are responsible for how your story ends!

We offer exclusive-immersive and classic Escape Rooms for groups of 1 – 6 players. You can expect exciting stories, cinematic settings and our team that will make your stay unforgettable.

All rooms are pleasantly air-conditioned and ventilated.

The Golden Phoenix

Poster The Golden Phoenix

The mood in the Bärenfels Academy for witches and wizards is tense. It is feared that dark forces have planned an attack on the golden phoenix, the protective and heraldic animal.

Despite this looming threat, you must pass your final exam in Wandlore.

Are you well prepared?

exclusive-immersive adventure – NOT only for fans of “Harry Potter”

designed by “THE ROOM LABS”

The elevator

Poster The Elevator

Your first task at Antiquariat Miraculum seems easy: a stack of books must be taken to the archive as quickly as possible. The catch is that the elevator has to go past the forbidden section, but before you can think about it further, the doors close behind you and the elevator rattles into motion. Can you make it to the top?

not exklusive Escape Room – for fans of the classic Escape Room as a one-room game

„There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.“

– Walt Disney